December 28, 2006

Secrets, harmless?  harmfull? i really don’t want to find out.  I’m happy as it is.  Thoughts are powerfull and i’d  rather feel their impact by reading them alone.  MY own undeclared  unconscious. Now conscious, so…….. I yearn to see someone again, an incredible draw binds me to this soul, not to share my life with -cause i’m already doing that with someone I love very much- but………………….. i guess part curious, part need for closure, part fantasy and ………………….just to prove to myself that it was just part hormones back then.  I’m weak , I know.   During meditation AUM awakens all this parts of me , how to wrestle with them, bear them? act them? channel them? Why was I given this body? i still don’t get that.  inspite of it I do believe in the higher me as part of a higher whole.  Better get going.


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