Physical presence is overrated

January 26, 2007

Hello gorgeous, i think my life is becoming the life from hell.  I am working too much.  a bit of balance is needed.  I so miss talking to your even if it is only thru this machine,but it is probably for the best. I become obsesive once you write back.  I wonder if that is why i’m living this life and had my five minutes in your life.  .  Yet we all sucumb to the needs of this damn body and the insecurities of our imperfect karma. Why in the world are we here for anyways? I’m still stumped by this thought.  Unfortunatly it is too hard to figure out.  takes too long.  I just like to bitch about it.  I haven’t meditated since last month and the longer I wait the harder it seems. got to break to the Loo


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