Happy b.day

February 5, 2007

How i wish to talk to you,

Touch your hands and look into your eyes like long ago, under the moonlight of a time long gone.

How i wish to feel your gaze upon my face like long ago under the rain, you…swinging like a bird under the fierce clouds. And feel through time, the joyous moments I spent with you in that dimly lit yet lovely  house.

Now, like my girl’s bugs emerging out of a gosthly pouch.  I squirm and rest and squirm and rest to free myself  of that bitter cloack.

And at last I see… seeds which grew pale and week, in my sunken heart… under heavy shade gasping for life.

A life I failed to see as mine. 

So, to all the winds I wish to scream that LOVE IS GREAT!!!! inspite of all that  goes awray. And share the joy that it’s just being born of all that once did choke my soul . My karma purged, at least for now.

And think of you… this day of births.  Rejoice my love, for now! that memory is  fertil ground.


One Response to “Happy b.day”

  1. Love is beautiful…

    Valentine Day is coming!

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