Freddy Mercury

February 16, 2007

My dear husband is obsessed with Queen.  We have been watching this concert for the past three nights.  Though i’ve only been a bit more aware tonite due to my illnes (see last post) Ok. So Mr., mercury is a powerful presence.  The man exudes sex appeal, talent and charisma.  Never mind my poor dear explaining all the intricacies of the music being played (he’s a music theory buff and we are both muscicians) We did agree on the fact that his performance was a true medium of scape and connection to something more powerful than him and the band.  That “In the Zone” feeling every perfomer gets (or at least all hope for)

So, back to the stage man, I looked at him and all i could think was about burying my lips into that powerful sound box of his- buck theth and all.  Suck out some of that energy and sweetness.  I won’t say what else i was checking out, but I’m sure I can leave that the imaginations of many.  A tickle of guilt did run through me, till i looked at my husbands eyes at one point and thought i saw my own feelings in him. 

 Is he attracted to freddy too? after all he was bisexual.  i find this very arousing.  unfortunately the codeine kicked in and I just woke up.  he’s fast asleep.  I made out his profile in the dark and realized that not only do i want him but I love him deeply as well.  And……… I don’t mind a bit of freddy entangled in our thoughts……..

i better get that codeine and get back to sleep.


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