Worry-a state of mind

February 23, 2007

In recent weeks, as I come off of years under the influence of antidepresants, I’ve been paying more attention to what is going in my head.  First of all, I notice i’m in a constant state of worry that i’ll end up feeling as crippled as i did when i first went on the drugs.  That the euphoria that they once gave me is about to slip from my reach (even though i have not had that feeling since the very first few months i took them.)Worry, worry, worry.

Yet, no catasthrophy yet.  Only this burdensome worry.  I once heard  swami Satchidananda say that people are like funnle cake dough.  And!, that the world was like the oil that cooks them.  At first the dough sizzles and bubbles when place in the oil pan and then after one turn it just floats calmly, golden and delicious.  Not a perfect analogy, but it captures something that is very true. 

Happiness is a state of mind that often….


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