March 4, 2007

Fasted yesterday cause i have been ill for several weeks now. first a cold, then bronchitis and now pleurisy.  but now I’m confused.  In the past i would have “listened to my body.” Now that seems so Newtonian.  Such an illusion.  I know “Maya” is a full of duality so the duality has me all tangled.

So, in the past i would have stopped working as soon as the cold hit me. This time though, i ignored it and took the usual over the counter aids to help me ride it out.  Is my mind playing tricks on me? Am I truly sick or are this remnants of a decade of living under Maya’s grip?

The clarity seemed to come in the fast.  It was the easiest ever.  I slept till noon and worked till 10pm then went to bed.  My brain occupied otherwise hunger never did hit me.  Eating is such a physical pleasure, such an illusion.  Yet, so ingrained into our  daily lives.  I was barely hungry today yet i ate each time i had food in front of me.  How do we escape this illusion? are we supposed to? if so why are we even here?

Damn, as soon as our worldly responsibilities are over we are moving into the ashram!!


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