July 13, 2007

Are dreams impressions of past lives? Some of my dreams linger in my mind more than others.  Like old black and white films, broken, confusing but heavy in meaning. Meaning something i already lived and learned but have forgotten.  The nature of reality still eludes me………………..i shall keep trying to understand.  Must be like knowing a concerto, at first all you feel are the mechanics of playing it but…. as time goes on and work!!! ……goes on.  the physical aspect of playing takes a life of its own and one is free to delve into the meaning and nuances of the sound…………  ah!!!  some parts tickle, others caress, and yet others ………….can’t be described.  Satchidanandas Ashtangas have been somewhat helpful as well as the Upanishads by Patanjali.  I wonder why the West seems so ignorant in these matters………. My beloved is here, bye.


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