September 10, 2007

Why do people play mind games?   Are they just defense mechanisms? a sign of fear ?  I guess we all have some of those.  It makes communication ever so complicated.  I dislike words in that sense.  Languge is such a limited translator of my feelings.  I would need a degree in English/Spanish to improve the situation.   But, who’s got time for that?…………………certainly not me, not I?….not me. 

What a mess.  This is why i hate the phone when chatting in a friendly manner.  I just need all the cues i can get to understand someone else……….But, how about me, do i play mind games. Are my archaic defense mechanisms still in place? is it time to go back to therapy? am I pregnant again? ……ha, ha, ha……sounds like an old episode of batman…….(lol)

Ok, where was I? …………..hmmmmm lots to ponder over today.



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