the pull

January 23, 2008

So a bad thing had to happen for your soul to recognize my blackness.  it feels as if we were trapped in space odassy 2000. Black space, blank noise, wisdom voices echoing in our heads. But us, unable to move, suspended in this feeling.

It’s not so bad….is it? you’ve stopped fighting the pull.  descend with me……I know it’s dark and heavy….yet it’s gentle lack of heat or coolness will cradle you into a marvelous unknown.

Our roles in the world will get played no matter what, except now anchored to this deep place we can explore together in our room at night.

Fear is gone while you are with me. yet if you wish to flee this place i’d be content. you’ve been here and erased that feeling away from me.

And if i ever sink too far inside….. you’ve been here and can pull my essence back outside.




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