February 23, 2012

Glad to be this gorgeous number.  I think i’ll keep it for at least half the decade…

Since advaita vedanta has been such a great influence in the past  two years, i will call these time the “me but, not me”  time.  I’m at peace mentally-mostly anyhow- but peace is a strange respit to be in.  Peace has no major pains nor major joys, peace does not depend on experience-which is temporary. Peace seems to be a state of non-being….an open book….an actor without a play…or a play in which our part comes in only in an emergency…..an extra.  Sounds pretty depressing, but it isn’t at all.  I wonder if an atom waiting to be observed either as a wave or a particle feels this way.   Haha…wish i could draw a cartoon. Would my quantum entangled partners feel this way too? or are they feeling this way and that’s why i’m affected. Or…is the observer revealed as the non-actor of this “peace.” Most intriging if the observer -who’s really me- IS the quantum entangled partner itself.

As of  late, I’m fascinated by holograms and the principle they reveal. Everything being contained in any part of the whole. I’m also perplexed by Fractal Math and the endless repetition of patterns in perceived nature in ever smaller or detailed observation.

I await for……who knows what.


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