March 8, 2012

In the passing days of my life , many an event has held the promess of complete wisdom. Even when i knew not that “IT” was what i was looking for.  Experiencing a myriad of  thoughts, from youthful certainty to confusion,  rejection, disconnection, fear, surrender,  humbleness, tentative balance,  and finally to a more concerted effort to “know” with non- dualistic expectations.  People in my life have come and gone, all providing pieces of the puzzle of “I” and as time and locality are an illusions  either of Maya, or Holographic nature,  or Fractal Intricacies,  i can ocasionally  forgo the effects of longing for the truth of completeness and enjoy a state of mind of bliss….


3 Responses to “completeness:”

  1. The Alien Anthropologist said

    A Zen koan (not really, I invented it)

    A Western man travelled very far to speak with a wise Zen master as he wanted to know what the meaning of life was. He had asked all the scientists, religious men, lawyers and doctors he could find, but all had given different answers and none of them had been satisfactory. After many years of fruitless searching the man approached the master and asked him “I have travelled far and wide, spoken to many wise men, seeing and learning many things but the answer to my question continues to escape me; please tell me Master, what is the meaning of life?”

    The master immediately struck the seeker on the head with his cane. The seeker, shocked and in pain looked at the master and could utter only one word: “why?”

    The master simply smiled and spoke without malice, “There you have it!”

  2. recodo said

    haha…good one! I have another one:
    10 monks go out on a forest to meditate on their way back they encounter a rising river. The senior monk is concerned and makes sure each monk crosses the waters carefully. Once on the other side he counts the members of the party and finds only 9…..After repeated attempts everyone is concerned to come up only with 9….
    Sorry AA got to get ready for work and I really can’t remember all this story.

  3. The Alien Anthropologist said

    That’s pretty Zen man 🙂

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