Failure Meditation

February 11, 2013

failure is so uncomfortable, im trying to be with “it” without wanting to run away. everyone says there is a fruit to be picked at the other side of this experience. so………cant see past the discomfort yet.

my other issue is personal space… to be here and perform all roles expected of one. there will be sour faces at my lack of performance. its their karma? or mine? and how to not re-act in these state of mind?

failure is a demanding mistress…. a seed that has been watered and is ready to burst open. Breaking throug the soil in a painful-yet necessary- tearing of its seedling coating. fragile state of mind that can be scorched easyly by too much light, broken by too much wind. How to nourish the moment and strenghten the stalk? drive the roots deeper holding on to past moments? oh failure, failure, failure……what part of me must die ???


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